GVCC President's Column: May 1, 2015
Bicycle Spoken Here, GVCC President: Doris Phinney
968-3143, cyclebug@aol.com

NEWCOMERS RIDE: Saturday, May 2, 9:30am, Java Station, Doris, 968-3143. Everyone is welcome to join this leisurely paced ride around Goleta. No one is ever left behind and you must wear a helmet to join this ride.

GVCC JUNE ANNUAL POTLUCK MEETING (Members Only): Saturday, June 6, 12 noon 6219 Avenida Gorrion (home of Lori & Stu Haney). Please bring food to share; GVCC will provide plates, napkins, utensils and bottled water. Agenda will include the election of officers and future plans. Please RSVP by June 1, to me at cyclebug@aol.com or 968-3143, or Lori at lorbonz@gmail.com.

GVCC OFFICERS as of May 1, 2015:
President, Doris Phinney
Vice President, Annemarie Horner
Secretary, Hildy Hoffman
Treasurer, Cheryl Everett

Please contact me or any of the officers if you are interested in one of these elected positions. The election will be held at the June 6 meeting.

Thanks to Janaki Wilkinson, Membership Chair and Lori Haney, Website manager and ride leader. Special thanks to Lori for hosting our June meeting.

WANT TO SUGGEST A RIDE? Contact Lori anytime to get your ride on the calendar: lorbonz@gmail.com. In addition to the club calendar on the GVCC website, Lori has set up a Meet Up group, Santa Barbara Cyclists that you might like to join. Here is the website: http://www.meetup.com/santa-Barbara-Cyclists

SANTA BARBARA CENTURY, Saturday, October 17, 2015. Volunteer Coordinator(s) needed for East Camino Cielo Aid Station. At the January GVCC meeting, Doris announced that she and Owen are stepping down/retiring from organizing the Aid Station. If you would like for GVCC to continue to operate East Camino Cielo, then consider taking on the job of Volunteer Coordinator. We must inform the organizers of the SB Century of the status of the Aid Station by the end of March.

5 Recipes to Eat Like a Pro Cyclist

by the Editors of Bicycling

Bicycle for Transportation

New Santa Barbara County Bike Touring Site

Bike touring fans can find a wealth of information on bike touring in Santa Barbara County on a new website: bike-santabarbara.org

Join our rides for fun and fitness!

The club offers a variety of rides from monthly newcomer rides to tougher tours up the local hills. Check the calendar and come ride with us!
Although many of us wear colorful biker clothes and have road bikes, we are tourers, not racers. Our greatest passion, and perennial source of discussion, is safety on the roads -- how routes can be configured for better bike safety and how bikers can make wise riding choices to maximize safety.
While it is true that some GVCC members enjoy chasing down younger race kit-clad speedsters, club rides are cooperative, not competitive..
Non-members are always welcome to come meet club members and try our rides out. Check the calendar and join us.

GVCC Email Mailing List

Goleta Valley Cycling Club has an email list at Google Groups. Club members can join or get off the list by contacting Janaki.
Please be aware when you reply to a group email, the reply goes to the whole group. If you only want to reply privately to the sender, don't send the reply to the gbike group. Instead, copy out the email address of the sender and send your email to that person.
In order to avoid exposing GVCC members' email addresses to the public, the messages and message archives are only viewable by group members. The mailing list is also not listed in the Google Groups directory and does not have a Google webpage.
Email posts go to all list members. Post by emailing gbike@googlegroups.com. Learn about Google Group options at Google Groups.